Miller Diversified Construction Project for Double A Trailers

Miller Diversified Construction is excited to be working on a large-scale project for Double A Trailer. The project is being built on approximately 17.5 acres and consists of the following:

  • A new commercial building for sales and maintenance of truck trailers
  • A large parking area
  • Storm water retention
  • Landscaping

As the Miller Diversified name implies, our company offers more than construction. Miller Diversified is not only the builder but also the broker for this project. Miller Diversified Realty’s Jerry Miller was able to find the land for Double A Trailer that perfectly fit the needs for this project.  “It is an honor to work with Leann and her amazing team at Double A Trailer.” stated Jerry Miller. “From the start of the land acquisition search as a broker and moving seamlessly into the construction services has made for a cohesive project. We get to know the client and their needs at a grass roots level, and in the end, this makes an enormous difference to our quality and efficiency.”  


Some Background on Double A Trailer

Double A Trailer was founded in 1965 in Ohio as a dealer of Great Dane trailers. As business quickly increased, Double A Trailer expanded its operations and by the 1970’s grew to be one of Great Dane’s major independent dealers.  The company has since expanded its brands to include several other top trailer brands. Double A Trailer remains family owned and operated and prides itself in providing quality products and services to its customers. 

Leann Wannemacher, CEO of Double A Trailer, is pleased to be able to have such a unique partnership with Miller Diversified. “I’ve never had anything built before. So, it was an easy decision since Jerry was our first point of contact as our broker for the land.” 


Providing More Than Just a Building

The success of Double A Trailer has driven the need for this expansion. At the center of this project is the commercial building, which is 27,000 SF PEMB and will house a 15,000 SF shop area and 12,000 SF of offices and a warehouse. In addition to this main building, the Miller Diversified Construction team will be adding a 3,500 SF PEMB detached garage building. 

Leann is thankful to soon have the capacity to keep up with demand as her business continues to grow. “I am just excited to see it completed because we are behind, and this will help us tremendously," she stated. Miller Diversified is thrilled to be able to provide more than simply bricks and mortar. We are privileged to be able to support the growth of such a great local business.


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