Pre-Construction: The Foundation Of Any Great Construction Project

When people picture a construction project, they often envision most of the work being done on an active construction site. Miller Diversified’s approach is a bit different. Our team has a strategic pre-construction process that is absolutely key to any well-executed construction project.

What most people don’t know is that the Pre-Construction process can take actually much longer than most owners anticipate. For example, if Miller Diversified started the pre-construction process on November 1st, we would be ready to start construction around the first of April. As always, there are things that can be done to speed up the process, but planning in advance is the best way to make sure the project is ready to start at the beginning of the construction season. This is especially critical now after the past few years where we’ve faced quite a bit of uncertainty and supply chain issues. Our careful planning is what allows us to win time and again when it comes to hitting project goals.

Pre-Construction Checklist

So what exactly is so labor-intensive about the pre-construction process? Here is what is included in the average pre-construction project:

  • √ Pre-Construction Steps Architect Request for Proposals (20 days) 
  • √ Schematic Design/Budget (21 days)
  • √ Planning Commission (45 days) 
  • √ Design Development/Budget (22 Days)
  • √ Construction Documents (20 Days)
  • √ Permitting (30 Days)
  • √ Bidding (15 Days)
  • √ Contracts (10 Days)
  • √ Begin Construction

Every project is a little different and some of these steps can be shortened or not needed depending on when we get involved in the project. Now is essentially the time to be moving forward with engaging in the pre-construction project for our 2023 construction season.