Historic St. Joseph Church Construction Renovations

Miller Diversified Construction recently completed commercial construction renovations on a historic downtown Toledo church. St. Joseph Parish started out as a small brick church building that was shared with another church group in 1854. In 1870, the Parish purchased some land on Erie Street, and a building was finished by 1878. Later, a second building to be used as a school was erected. Over the years, the buildings underwent many changes including additions, renovations, and repairs after a fire in 1920. Prior to the recent renovations by Miller Diversified, the last major renovations were done in 1957.


Timeless Treasures Still Remain

At present, the two buildings remain and are full of history:

• The main church building still houses the 1957 oak pews for the nave and the choir. The present seating capacity in the nave of the Church is 322.

• It also contains a Schantz Pipe organ that was installed in the Church in 1954.

• Many original statues remain as well. The statue of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Saint John the Evangelist are dated 1878.

• The annex building, know as the “Sacred Heart”, is connected by to the main church building by an overhead breezeway

• In the bell tower hang 11 bells dating back to 1881.


Restoring & Preserving History For Future Generations

Functionally, the most significant work completed on the St. Joseph buildings was to rebuild the rotted eave overhangs on the annex building and install new gutters and downspouts. The condition of the eaves was causing water damage inside the building that is used as the parish hall. Additionally, our team removed 4 abandoned chimney stacks on the annex roof that deteriorating and were a hazard. This work started in April and was completed mid-Summer.

One challenge our team encountered during construction was discovering that the North end gable of the annex building was also in need of repairs. Fr. Kidd went up with the contractors in a lift to look at the damage and the church approved a change order to repair this area as well. Some asphalt repairs were also completed around the annex building. Overall, these repairs have made the annex parish hall more water-resistant and will help prevent further damage and deterioration to the building.



On the interior, our team made structural repairs in the church basement and part of the church subfloor. The work included installing a new main beam perpendicular to the floor joists to eliminate sagging and floor squeaking, removing and replacing the subfloor wood sheathing, and installing new ceramic floor tile. The choice of tile for the flooring was made due to its capability to better protect against the incense coals that sometimes drop on the ground. Previously, the room was carpeted, and the coals would singe the carpet.

Construction wrapped up in September, and Miller Diversified Construction is grateful to the St. Joseph Parish for letting us be a part of restoring and preserving so much valuable history that will serve many more generations. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our team, feel free to reach out so we can learn about you and your construction project needs.