Conducting A High School Construction Project During The School Year

What happens when a client needs construction work completed on a site where operations cannot stop? This is actually a common problem business owners face when they need renovations or additions.

Most recently, we engaged in a project at Martins Ferry High School which required us to implement a complex, cutting edge solution to a unique geotechnical problem. We were able to complete the core requirements of the project, allowing the school to safely open its doors for the 2022-2023 school year. However, the next phase of the project requires additional upgrades to be made to a number of classrooms throughout the building.

Strategic Planning 

When this sort of work is required, the Miller construction team strategizes with the client to address:

  • safety measures
  • traffic flow on site
  • any other logistics specific to the project

In the case of Martins Ferry, our team has been tackling 2 classrooms at a time in order to best preserve the high school’s learning environment.

Miller Diversified has a long history of safely and effectively completing construction projects on sites that cannot cease day-to-day operations. From medical centers to universities, we’ve helped people keep their doors open while making continuous improvement. Check out our portfolio to explore some of these past projects.